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Balance Potting Soil

Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Bokashi Earthworks “Balance” Soil

An agronomically balanced soil created to meet the high nutrient demand of heavy feeding, flowering and fruiting varieties of plants. Bokashi Earthworks uses premium carbon forward compost that contains high amounts of organic acids , enzymes, amino acids, peptides, fatty acids, lipids and humic/fulvic acids.

Our compost is derived from spent coffee grounds, chaff and alfalfa manure. The high carbon content aids in water retention nutrient holding capacity and helps to increase soil microbial populations that aid in nutrient cycling. Blended together with high quality sustainably harvested Canadian peat moss and locally sourced pumice we are able to maximize soil air, water and nutrient exchange capacity. “Balance” soil blend is pH balanced using calcium silica, which adds plant available Si and additional calcium.

Additionally high quality blood, feather and soybean meal are used to increase available nitrogen. Agriculture grade magnesium sulfate and gypsum are implemented into “balance” soil blend to add sufficient secondary nutrients. Finally naturally mined iron, copper, boron and zinc are added in small quantities to ensure proper macronutrient balance is achieved.

Bokashi Earthworks “Balance” blend offers a high EC and high total soluble nutrients, With excellent aeration and water holding capacity. Chalked with plenty of organic carbon to provide continuous release of available nutrition and a source of nutrition for the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms. Bokashi Earthworks balance blend can be used as a stand alone soil, be used with our smart carbon fertigation program, and is compatible with all other nutrient programs.

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