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DIRECTIONS FOR USE: foliar one tablespoon of magnesium sulfate to one gallon of clean water if visual symptoms appear. Lab analysis is recommended for drench application.

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Magnesium is an activator of more enzymes than any other nutrient, in is at the center of all chlorophyll molecules making it essential for chlorophyll production, photosynthesis and cellular respiration.

It is a mobileĀ  nutrient that is easily translocated from old to new growth.

Magnesium improves phosphorus utilization and mobility, it plays a key role in nitrogen metabolism as well as phosphorous and carbohydrate energy reactions.

Magnesium is essential for the synthesis, transportation and storage transfer of carbohydrates proteins fats and oils.

Deficiency symptoms of magnesium start with interveinal chlorosis necrosis and red discoloration in the stems (usually starting with the petiole) upward leaf curling among margins, dropping foliage and stunted route growth.

Magnesium deficiency can accelerate phosphorus deficiency.

Magnesium can become on soluble at PH factors below 6.0 in Soil making it biologically unavailable or harder for the plants to uptake.

Acidic soil, highly leeched soils with low CEC, and calcareous soils can cause magnesium deficiency.

Imbalances with the other four major soil cations, calcium, potassium, sodium, can negatively affect the availability and uptake magnesium.

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