Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate)


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Calcium is essential for cell wall and membrane construction, structure, cell strength and division. Calcium promotes stock strength, stability, it stimulates root and shoot development and increases disease resistance. It is essential for pollen and pollen tube development. Ca is responsible for the uptake in transportation of a central mineral nutrients, primarily through new root hairs and root tips. One of the vita rolls calcium plays is in nitrogen metabolism.

Calcium is antagonistic to magnesium and potassium, increased amount of magnesium or potassium can lockout calcium and hinder uptake. Boron is synergistic to calcium and can help to increase calcium uptake. Deficiency symptoms can be caused by high pH soils. High levels of nitrogen can negatively affect calcium uptake, if there’s not enough calcium and solution the expanding cells from the nitrogen will ask strength and structure. Humidity and vapor pressure deficit can affect calcium in the plants ability to absorb and translocate the element.

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