Complex Humate Fertilizer


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DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Add 10 mL per liter of water (30 mL per gallon)

Use bi-weekly 1-3 times during transition or as needed.


Complex Humate Fertilizer: Advanced Carbon-Based Plant Growth Solution

9-9-7 NPK (transition)

Discover the revolutionary Complex Humate Fertilizer, a scientifically formulated blend that utilizes carbon-based molecular technology. This unique fertilizer offers a homogenous mix of essential nutrients vital for plant growth. Not just limited to traditional plant food ingredients, our Complex Humate Fertilizer enriches soil with humic and fulvic acids.

These acids are instrumental in:

  • Boosting populations of soil and rhizosphere microorganisms.
  • Acting as an organic catalyst for all plant functions.
  • Enhancing trace element nutrition via chelation.
  • Elevating quality, flavor, color, and yield of harvested crops.
  • Facilitating nutrient release through organic decomposition.
  • Maintaining macro and micro elements in accessible forms.
  • Improving soil physical characteristics.
  • Strengthening crop resilience against environmental and biological stressors.
  • Increasing soil carbon levels.
  • Enhancing soil moisture and its water-holding capacity.
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