Bacillus Subtillus


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DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Add .3 grams to one gallon of water and shake well. Spore solution can be drenched into soil or applied as a foliar spray.

*One vial makes 100 liters or 25 gallons of spore concentrate.

* for increased efficacy mix with Trichoderma!


Bacillus subtilis, a widely studied soil bacterium, plays a significant role in nutrient cycling, particularly in enhancing the solubility of phosphorus. This bacterium produces various secondary metabolites, including siderophores, which are crucial for iron uptake in plants. Siderophores are organic compounds that chelate, or bind to, iron, making it more bioavailable to plants.

In addition to its role in iron uptake, Bacillus subtilis is also known for its ability to solubilize phosphorus. Phosphorus, often found in insoluble forms in soil, is a vital nutrient for plant growth. Bacillus subtilis secretes enzymes and organic acids that convert this insoluble phosphorus into soluble forms, making it accessible for plant uptake.

The contribution of Bacillus subtilis to phosphorus solubilizing and nutrient cycling is highly beneficial in agriculture. It not only aids in the efficient use of soil nutrients, promoting plant growth and health, but also plays a part in sustainable farming practices by reducing the dependence on chemical fertilizers. The action of Bacillus subtilis in producing secondary metabolites and siderophores significantly enhances its role in the ecosystem, particularly in supporting plant nutrition.

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